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Scottish fold of the spine

Scottish Folds can be found with long or short hair and in a variety of fur colors and patterns. Scottish fold of the spine. Scottish Fold kittens are not born with folded ears but by about three to four weeks of age the ears begin to fold. Scottish Fold Colours. Therefore, the Board of the Association of cat lovers in the UK decided not to allow any registered breed Scottish Fold and now this race is not created or taken to exhibitions in Britain. Combination of two mutant genes creates severe health problems. Scottish Kilt is not a registered breed, and never will be recognized by any reputable cat registry. The lateral radiographs of the forelimbs were normal, but there was mineralization in the intervertebral foraminae of the lumbar spine.
Bi- colours, parti, solid and tabby. All Scottish Fold cats suffer from variable degrees of painful degenerative joint disease, which can result in fusing of the tail, tarsi ( ankles) and stifles ( knees). Not all Scottish Fold kittens to a litter will be born with folded ears. Scottish Fold Information. Where They Came From.
The Scottish Fold is thought to have its origins in China, although the first recognized Scottish Fold was born in the 1960s in Scotland and was named Susie. The first Scottish Fold, Susie, was reportedly found roaming a farm in Perthshire, Scotland, around 1961. At times when two Scottish fold cats have a litter, the kittens may have spinal defects. There are degrees of folding, usually described as a single, double, or triple fold.
The Scottish Fold is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant- gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout the body, causing the ears to " fold, ” bending forward and down towards the front of the head, which gives the cat what is often described as an " owl- like" appearance. Scottish Fold osteochondrodysplasia is a disease seen in homozygous and heterozygous carriers of the Scottish Fold gene. Media captionThe British Veterinary Association says the breeding of Scottish Fold cats should be banned The British Veterinary Association has warned breeding of Scottish fold cats should stop. However, the breed’ s originators continued to breed the Scottish Fold and exported it to Europe and America, and it proved possible to elimate the spine, leg and tail deformities by careful breeding, incorporatine ' normal' eared cats into the gene pool. This causes low legs and a flat spine. This is apparent clinically as a reluctance to move, and abnormal posture and gait, lameness and short misshapen limbs. She was a white, shorthaired cat and it was one of her kittens that was used in a breeding programme for Scottish Folds by Pat Turner and William Ross. A word on Scottish Kilts ( a mix of Scottish Fold and Munchkin) – WE DO NOT BREED Scottish Kilts. Scottish Folds come in a large spectrum of colours. Deformations of the spine, backward legs and the tail appeared also when two cats of the same type were crossed.
You will find Scottish Folds come in just about every colour that a cat can come in. - Additional genetic heart, liver.

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